Schematic overview: sacredness

SummaryThe sacred and the profane are clearly distinct in the Cosmic PlanSacredness is mere superstition; nothing is sacredBecause nothing is inherently sacred, everything can be sacred
What it deniesNebulosity of sacredness; vastnessSacredness; vastness
What it fixatesThe sacredArbitrariness of perception of sacredness
The sales pitchAvoid contamination through ritual purityFreed from religion, we can get on with practical projectsThe good bits of religion without the dogma
Emotional appealPersonal superiority through religious conformity; minimize uncanniness of vastness by codifying itDon’t have to think about that uncomfortable religion stuff; pretend you don’t see vastness and hope it goes awayCan neither dismiss nor grab onto sacredness
Pattern of thinkingSelf-righteousnessPretending not to care about meaning; apathyAwe
Likely next stancesReasonable respectability, mission, specialnessMaterialism, ordinarinessFreedom
AccomplishmentPerfect ritual purityTotal inability to experience aweAbility to experience anything as sacred
How it causes sufferingParanoia about contamination; resources and opportunities wasted; tribalist vilification Flatness of existence in the absence of the sacred
Obstacles to maintaining the stanceObvious mundanity of religious formsSpontaneous religious feelingsInnate reactions of disgust
Antidotes; counter-thoughtsPurity is a matter of perception, not truthI do sometimes experience awe
Intelligent aspectRecognition of sacrednessRecognition that nothing is inherently sacred
Positive appropriation after resolutionSacredness mattersNarrow religion is harmful; something better is available


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