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Kate Gowen 2011-02-27

This schematic seems quite promising; I sincerely hope that ‘17 years’ is a gross overestimation of the time required for it to get further fleshed out.


Daniel 2021-09-16

I think everything is inherently sacred, in a way that doesn’t imply that nothing is, too. I also think disgust is part of the human telos and therefore cannot be what I would call ‘simply ignored’, as it seems the stance of kadag does.
I’m a christian, more specifically a young earth creationist and baptist w mostly Lutheran leanings. I’m also an avid reader of lesswrong. AFAIK I continue to believe in the bible due to it seeming most reconcilable w science, although I have doubts of a deist sort.


Daniel 2021-09-16

I mostly agree w on scientific matters.

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