Schematic overview: authority

StanceReasonable respectabilityRomantic rebellionFreedom
SummaryContribute to social order by conforming to traditionsMake an artistic statement by defying authorityValue social order as a resource; satirize it as an impediment
What it deniesNebulosity of social orderValue of social order
What it fixatesSocial orderHeroic status of the counter-culture
The sales pitchLaw’n’orderDeath to the oppressors!
Emotional appealIt’s safeIt’s sexy
Pattern of thinkingEmotional constrictionConfused romantic passion, testosterone poisoningPolitical maturity
Likely next stancesOrdinariness; dualismSpecialness; mission; nihilistic rage; true selfNobility, light-heartedness, kadag
AccomplishmentPillar of societyRomantic martyrdom
How it causes sufferingComplicity in oppression; abandoning of responsibility and moral maturityOpposes realistic action to ameliorate conditions; justifies violence
Obstacles to maintaining the stanceSocial conventions stifle expression and opportunitySilly; doomed by definitionUrgency of social imperatives
Antidotes; counter-thoughtsWho cares what they think?I’m being silly and just striking a pose to look cool
Intelligent aspectRecognizes value of social orderRecognizes arbitrary and restrictive character of social order
Positive appropriation after resolutionPoints toward kingly qualities of nobility; society as a beneficial structurePoints toward warrior qualities of nobility; charismatically involving; makes splendid art