Schematic overview: self

StanceThe authentic, true, deep selfSelflessnessIntermittently continuing
SummaryThe hidden, true self is directly connected to the Cosmic Plan, bypassing social constrictionsThere is, or should be, no selfSelfness comes and goes; it varies over time and has no essential nature
What it deniesNebulosity of selfPatterns of self; the self/other boundary; natural self-interest
What it fixatesThe patterns of selfness; the self/other boundaryDiscontinuity; absence of self/other boundary
The sales pitchYour true self is much more exciting than your yucky regular oneYou can get rid of your yucky regular selfThe patterned self is unproblematic once its nebulosity is accepted
Emotional appealI’m much better than I thought I wasI have nothing to lose
Pattern of thinkingRomantic idolization of fantasy selfWillful blindness to continuity and self-interestHumorous affection for one’s foibles; absence of anxiety
Likely next stancesEternalism, monism, specialnessNihilism, ordinarinessNobility, enjoyable usefulness
Accomplishment Authenticity in sense of living from true self instead of regular selfEgolessnessConjuring supple, playful magic in the shared self/other space
How it causes sufferingAttempts to retrieve supposed true self fail; attempts to live up to it failNeglecting practical personal affairs
Obstacles to maintaining the stanceNon-existence of true selfManifestations of regular selfFear of discontinuity; cannot repair or remove self
Antidotes; counter-thoughtsNo essential nature, no coherent true selfI have much in common with who I was and will be
Intelligent aspectRecognizes negative social conditioning & possibility of spontaneityRecognizes lack of essential nature or durable continuity
Positive appropriation after resolutionPoints toward power of nobility: we can be much more than we generally pretendPoints toward generosity of nobility


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