Scientific rationality has proven: everything is meaningless

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Everyone knows scientific rationality murdered meaning. But specifically whodunnit? With what weapon weapon? The corpse is long-since cold; when was the crime committed?

Which science was that? Which famous scientist made this epochal breakthrough discovery? How did the experiment work? What apparatus did they use? Did they get the Nobel Prize for this? Why not?

This is an event that everyone remembers vaguely, but which never happened.

It’s dim distorted memories of the debates between religion and scientific rationalism. There’s a sense that this all got settled long ago and doesn’t need to be relitigated. The details don’t matter; only deluded religious fanatics are trying to keep the debate going.

Scientific rationality did conclusively disprove some religious claims, and seriously undermined religion’s account of meaning overall. However, it never tried to disprove the existence of meaning in general.