Mission and materialism mingled

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The defects of materialism and mission are well-known and experienced by us all. Because each is unworkable, we adopt both at different times, or in different parts of our lives.

A more sophisticated strategy is mingled materialism and mission. This is a muddled middle: an attempt to compromise that fails because it does not fully correct the metaphysical error underlying these two confused stances.

In this mingling, you try to satisfy the demands of both in a single course of action. You might, for instance, pursue fame and glory leading a celebrity media campaign to save starving Africans from poverty. Motivations are rarely unmixed. When pursuing eternal purposes, we almost always hope for some mundane reward.

This confused stance preserves the self-indulgent, self-protective grasping of materialism, and the self-righteous justification of mission. There is a cost to this. The mingled stance tends to lose the uncomplicated enjoyment-value of animal satisfaction (because we pretend that is not what we seek), and also the selfless compassionate joy of accomplishing eternal purposes (because we have subordinated those to a materialist agenda).


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