Schematic overview: value

SummaryI have a distinct and superior value given by the eternal ordering principleMy value comes from being like everyone elseDeveloping all my abilities in order to serve others
What it deniesShared humanityUnusualness
What it fixatesPersonal valuePersonal value
The sales pitchYou are better than they areDon’t put on airsBe all you can be
Emotional appealReinforces egoNo need to live up to potential
Pattern of thinkingDisdain; self-aggrandisementFearfulness, lazinessImpeccability
Likely next stancesMission, true selfMaterialismEnjoyable usefulness
How it causes sufferingEgo-trips; role anxiety; need for constant confirmationSuppression of individuality
Obstacles to maintaining the stanceFamiliarity of experience; maintaining image is exhaustingUnusual impulses; cannot conform to herdSelfishness; fear; laziness
Antidotes; counter-thoughtsRecognition of shared humanityRecognition of potential and uniqueness
Intelligent aspectRecognition of potential and uniquenessRecognition of shared humanity
Positive appropriation after resolutionNobility does rise above the ordinaryHumility is an aspect of nobility