Fluid culture: metamodernism

This page is unfinished. It may be a mere placeholder in the book outline. Or, the text below (if any) may be a summary, or a discussion of what the page will say, or a partial or rough draft.

This page will introduce the cultural implications of the fluid mode.

For a preview, see “Desiderata for any future mode of meaningness.”

For introductions to metamodernism, see Philip Damico’s “Introduction” and Seth Abramson’s “What Is Metamodernism?” and “Metamodernism: The Basics.”

Hanzi Freinacht1 has developed metamodernism beyond culture narrowly, into a general conception including cognition, personal psychology, and social organization. He draws on many of the same sources I do, and points in many of the same directions. His web site is Metamoderna. Tom Amarque has produced a fine podcast interview with him; if you are familiar with my work, you’ll find many of the same themes raised.

Naturally, I differ with each of these thinkers on some points.

  1. 1.“Hanzi Freinacht” is a pseudonym for a team of two people, apparently.