Schematic overview: unity and diversity

SummaryAll is OneEverything is clearly distinct from everything else. Especially meReality is indivisible but diverse
What it deniesDifferences, boundaries, specifics, individualityConnection, dynamic interplay, unbounded responsibility
What it fixatesUnity; also over-emphasizes connectionBoundaries, separateness, limitations, definitions
The sales pitchYou are GodClarity gives you control
Emotional appealI am all-powerful, all-knowing, immortal, invulnerableI am not contaminated by other beings, and have only specific, limited responsibility for them
Pattern of thinkingWillful stupidityDistrustEngagement
Likely next stancesEternalism, mission, true self, specialnessCan combine with either eternalism or nihilism
AccomplishmentDirectly perceive all things as OnePerfect independencePhenomena (including oneself) understood as neither distinct nor identical
How it causes sufferingHave to blind self to diversity of physical realityAlienation due to being cut off from world and others
Obstacles to maintaining the stanceObviousness of diversityObviousness of connectionDifficulty of understanding the complete stance
Antidotes; counter-thoughtsAppreciation of diversityAppreciation of connectedness
Intelligent aspectNon-obvious connections are common and often important; all categories are somewhat nebulousThe world is endlessly diverse
Positive appropriation after resolutionProvisional understanding of indivisibilityPoints toward appreciation of diversity