Pattern and Nebulosity: Deconstructing Yourself podcast

Barbara McClintock
Barbara McClintock

My first audio interview discussing Meaningness: “Pattern and Nebulosity.”

It’s on the very interesting Deconstructing Yourself podcast, with Michael Taft. More on that below.

But first, the contents of the episode, with links to books and web pages giving more detail on some topics:

As you can see, we covered a wide range of topics. From reading this list it might just seem like an incoherent jumble. Michael’s skillful steering of the conversation brought out the ways all these points unfold naturally from a handful of basic insights.

I’m really happy with the result; I hope it can provide an intriguing introduction to some main themes of Meaningness, in a format different from the book. If there’s sufficient interest, we can go into greater depth on particular topics in future recordings.

Michael has a strong science background, and specializes in teaching meditation to “geeks.” In fact, he wrote the book on it! You can get a free copy of his The Mindful Geek at his web site. It’s “nerdy and science-fiction friendly,” and cites lots of empirical research on meditation. Or, if you prefer listening over reading, here he is lecturing at Google.

His podcast episodes have been quite unlike typical meditation or Buddhist discussions. If you like his work, consider rating and reviewing Deconstructing Yourself on iTunes—that makes it more likely iTunes will suggest it to potential listeners.


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