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UFO:s as religious phenomena

There is actually a Ph.D. thesis in comparative religion published in University of Helsinki, Finland, which studies UFO-related things from the perspective of religious studies. Unfortunately, the thesis is written in Finnish, so it is not really readable to people who do know really know the language. Thesis was written by a Finnish scholar called Jaakko Närvä.


<< Of course, these space aliens don’t exist (…) >>

Doesn’t that kind of oversimplify the ET/UFO field?

Do you completely dismiss the possibility that there could be more advanced civilization coming in contact with us?

One day I asked a supposed Lama from Kathok, who lives here in Brazil, if there would be other beings in other planets and he said “in the only cannibals, if that much” which is strange, as he seemed so far from the abode terraces and the four kings that would be in direct contact with the Earth via Mount Sumeru (to use their cosmogony)….


Sorry for the minor mistakes… Also, please, read “cosmology” instead of “cosmogony”. I’m talking about Trayatrimsha and other “heaven abodes”.

Also, it’s anecdotal, but once the later Chagdud Tulku told us that when one reaches final realization, the gods come down to Earth in their chariots to felicitate you…

Of course, as I’ve some fine tune to your proposition of naturalyzing Buddhist Tantra, I’ve never took this literally, except by sometimes thinking that could be possible that some advanced ETs are “lurking on the shadows”, as some wild collective experiences made me suspect (no, i didn’t took any drugs at those events)…


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