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Is nebulosity the same as

ricardo brito 2011-06-07

Is nebulosity the same as flexibility? somehow looks diferent, but also looks the same. Or maybe to a flexible personality may be easyer to be nebulous. Can we use both words or they mean diferent things?

Nebulosity and flexibility

David Chapman 2011-06-10

Hi, Ricardo,

There is a connection, but they are not the same. Nebulosity is the undefinedness of things. Flexibility is the personality trait needed to relate to that intelligently.

The emotional register of the complete stance

Nick Gall 2024-02-14

(a) ‘The complete stances are subtle and emotionally unsatisfactory.’

This seems to be somewhat in tension with
(b) ‘The complete stance does offer emotional goods, but they are less obviously appealing. More like healthy vegetables than eternalist candy or nihilist Everclear.’

Perhaps changing “unsatisfactory” with “less obviously appealing” and linking to the page with (b) would clarify things? Or perhaps I’ve misunderstood the relationship between the complete stance and the complete stances.

less obviously appealing

David Chapman 2024-02-15

Thank you! I have made the change you suggested.