Your questions about meta-rationality?

Eggplant Wizard
Eggplant Wizard courtesy fschpp

What would you most like to read about meta-rationality?

I’ve posted a detailed outline of In the Cells of the Eggplant, my upcoming introduction to the subject.

What questions do you have, after reading it?

In the world of nebulosity and pattern, there are no foundations, no starting points, and everything is deeply intertwingled.1 A tricky balancing act: I want to include as many relevant topics as possible, to make sure there aren’t disappointing holes in the story. On the other hand, the book can only be an introduction. It can’t cover all aspects of the subject, nor any of them in detail.

So, I need your help: does anything seem to be missing from the outline? What are you most curious about? What would you would find most useful? What seems superfluous? I have to chop off most of the heads of the hydra. Your feedback: the magic cauterizing sword!

Please leave a comment—thank you!

  • 1. I gather another technical term for this is “rhizomes,” but I still haven't managed to read Deleuze & Guattari.


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