Podcast: Buddhism and cognitivism

The Cybersyn ops room

The Cybersyn ops room

This is a 19 minute audio monologue about the intellectual history of some interactions between Buddhism and cognitive science, prompted by a blog discussion of doubts about modern meditation systems.

It’s a podcast, sort of? It’s an experiment… I deliver pedantic rambles like this practically every day, hours in a row sometimes. Rin’dzin recently started recording some and encouraging me to make them public. I’m reluctant because I want to be careful, and when I’m ranting off-the-cuff I say things that are false and/or offensive. On the other hand, I often cover material that’s unusual and could be useful or interesting for someone, and which I’m never going to have time to write up properly.

You can listen to the audio file here or download it. I haven’t uploaded it to any of the podcast clouds yet because who knows how that works. If it’s a problem for you that it’s here, not there, please let me know!


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