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Not one, not two

mtraven 2010-12-29

I don’t know that this is directly relevant or useful, but all this talk of monism and dualism made me remember an article by Francisco Varela in the old Coevolution Quarterly called “Not One, Not Two”. This was specifically about mind-body dualism, and seemed insightful at the time I read it, which was back in the Fenway House era. And, lo, it’s on the web. Varela as you probably know was a Buddhist himself.

Francisco Varela

David Chapman 2010-12-30

Thanks! Wow, here in the future, the past is at our fingertips.

I have a vague memory of having tried to read this paper a long time ago, and not being able to understand it. I’ve just made another brief attempt, and gave up again. There’s quite a lot of Hegel in it…

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