Comments on “Confused stances come in pairs”

The true True Self

PierrePhilosophique 2014-10-19

“As a simple example, the stance of true self fixates personal continuity. It insists that there is a mental thing within us that is stable, well-defined, and fully separate: the self. “

That isn’t the True true Self theory, it is the conventional, default theory of self. The True Self isn’t mental, is not the bodymimd. See

Confused Stances and Social Validation

Anthony 2021-08-01

Thanks so much for this book, David. Over the past few years, I drifted away from the political confused stance I had adopted towards a state of dissatisfaction with all of the mainstream options, and I couldn’t put my perspective shift into words. It left me in a state of confusion, loneliness, and anger at people in either stance who couldn’t see that their views and their opponents views were mirror images of each other. Coincidentally I’m also a computer scientist and a begrudging Buddhist.

A critical reason people adopt and stick to confused stances is that they offer tons of social validation. The more strongly you adopt a stance, the higher you can climb on the social ladder associated with your stance. I know people who’ve staked their entire careers on committing to and propagating a confused stance. It seems much more troubling now with the additional context you’ve provided.