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Rebellious Romantic.

Arthur Cunnington 2021-07-26

How does a rebellious romantic make things better?

To be noble requires service but he knows not what that service should be.

He is working towards art when his heart isn’t being torn apart.

something missed here

Dave Kunard 2021-11-21

What I think is missed is that the “romantic rebel” can create a “subculture” that at least partially mimics the values they aim to instill. Although the culture is defined by a “defiant pose”, that culture has real value to the people who partake and real meaning to them.In fact, the very nature of its opposition can be part of where the meaning derives from.

Mostly missing

David Chapman 2021-11-21

Thanks, yes, as it says in the box at the top, this is a summary placeholder for what in theory will someday be much longer. The relationship with subcultures will be an important part of that. I was gesturing in that direction with “Romantic rebellion is a lot of fun, though, and can have terrific aesthetic value throughout the arts. E.g., rock’n’roll is all about romantic rebellion.”

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