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Reno is also affected by BM

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Great page! I’ve been devouring your writing the last couple days, both here and Vividness, and also your Aro site. Looking forward to reading more.

Reno is also probably more monist/weird due to the influence and proximity of Burning Man, which leaves its imprint throughout the year despite being only an annual event.

"Shifting political conflict

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“Shifting political conflict from economic to “values” issues lowered the stakes, but pumped up the rhetorical viciousness.”

That’s a very good observation. I’m not convinced monism/dualism is what underlies the divide. I don’t think it’s even a split–it’s a 3-way. The last 110 years of Presidential elections can be summarized as: The northeast (plus the west coast) votes for graduates from elite Yankee colleges; the South (plus Texas) votes for military men; the rest of the nation votes randomly because they’re not involved in choosing the candidates.

Trump’s election wasn’t a win for the Republicans; it was a win for the third party, which hasn’t had a candidate since William Jennings Bryant. Or at least, the third party thought Trump was their candidate. Or at least, they thought he wasn’t anybody else’s candidate. Really they’re just sick of being ignored.

Just sick of being ignored

Yes, your last paragraph seems the right analysis to me.

I don’t want what Trump voters want, but I do think they’ve been unfairly and deliberately exploited as well as ignored, and are right to be angry about it.


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