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Kyle 2019-11-12

Intrigued by the idea of participation as a concept between/including duality and monism. When will this “book” be fleshed out? When can we expect more information here? I think you’re on to something and would love to read more.


Alexander D. 2021-09-16

For now, I don’t fully understand fluid mode and now it seems I’m confused about how to differentiate participation and fluid modes.

Also, I’ve found that participation seems to be close to how I prefer to view boundaries between objects, concepts, and ideas. All experience seems to me cloud-like and it’s like concentrated around words associated with concepts/ideas. From words, we can derive definitions, which I prefer to call abstract concepts - this is how I see boundaries are being applied to clouds of experience (from different point of view: it feels like I sever or restrict possible associations between initial concepts in process of formulation/formalization/giving a definition - synonyms to me here, but I dare to say we are not always aware of what exactly associations we got rid of in the process).

Very nice

Ryan Hosken 2022-03-01

This is good stuff… Author, please connect with me when you can:

www ionurse dot com backsplash ontology dot ht & ml

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