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Off the hook

Curt Kastens 2015-07-08

I have suspected as much for quite a while. Never really got bent out of shape by it though. Corrupt Generals and corrupt Bankers and stupid Economists can destroy nations and economies. Bad nutrition takes decades to kill someone. Horrible nurition can kill someone quickly but nutritionists are not called upon to solve droughts or tell us that we can avoid scurvey by having some lime in our tequilla. So it seems to me in the grand scheme of things nutritionists are relatively harmless.

Nutrition "Science"

Sasha 2017-06-30

Than you for this. The useless of nutrition “science” should be more widely known. It seems there must be a concerted effort to debunk the false and unjustified claims.

Emotions and Nutrition

Raederle Phoenix 2020-10-21

I studied nutrition for a decade, and psychology for the last seven years. I have to say, psychology trumps nutrition. The studies presented in the book Mind over Medicine show that your social connections and emotional health have EVERYTHING to do with getting cancer, whereas foods have a marginal impact by comparison. That said, foods do have impacts. Ironically, people eat “healthier” when they are more emotionally satisfied, so it is hard to say how much of our concepts about healthy food goes straight back to emotional healthy anyhow.

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