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Nihilism and biology

Urpo Normaali 2021-09-08

Someone can be rational nihilist, but still have biological emotions and genetic behaviours.

I am complete nihilist - I have not any meanings for anything, but I also recognize my biological interests and “meanings”. They are not rational, but they exist.

Nihilism as a rational view to universe is completely OK and it does not lead to unhappy life - on the contrary. When you really understand that there is no meanings for us, it makes people free. Nobody can completely pass our biological motivations and life goals. They give even for a nihilist meanings for life - although rationally thinking, they do not mean anything - of course.

Rational meanings

David Chapman 2021-09-09

So, what would a rational meaning be if one did exist? What would make it rational, and what would make it a meaning?

This is silly.

Alice 2021-11-16

This is speculative at best; the nihilistic apocolypse has been readily disproven by game theory for decades. Please stop suggesting this slippery slope argument.

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