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On, under “Nebulous selfness”, the “patterned” link does not work. I’m currently getting:

Glossary: patterned ERROR: could not find a definition for patterned. Please report this problem to the author.

Broken links/missing pages

Thank you!

There are a large number of missing pages in the book-in-progress. I have an outline, with many pages that aren’t on the web yet, and some of those have URLs, and I link to them even though they don’t exist, because they will at some point and it’s hard to go back and put the links in later.

Many other pages for which the writing is incomplete are on the web as stubs or summaries or drafts. They are marked with ⚒ in the outline.

I could add ⚒ pages for everything that has a missing link now—but then the book outline would be much longer, and it would mostly be stub pages. I suspect that might be even more annoying for readers than the missing links.

Anyone have opinions about that?

I probably would not have

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I probably would not have mentioned it without the automatic search on the 404 page, which somehow made me suspect it should be found and perhaps was removed or renamed. Adding a note on the 404 page about it might help, since that’s where people will end up.

Mostly stubs kind of outline sounds messy and confusing.

Reader experience problem

Thanks! I will see if the 404 page can be customized easily.

There’s definitely a reader experience problem here. Wikipedia solves the same issue with “red links.” What would be better for this site would be to not show links-to-the-future as links, until the future arrives and the linked page exists.

This is technically possible, but would require writing more code than I probably want to for now. But I’ll keep thinking about it!

404 page improved

OK! I’ve found that the 404 page can be customized, so I added an explanatory note there. Not a good solution, but maybe better than nothing.

Thanks for the problem report!

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