Please tell me about site problems

If you notice anything on any of my sites that looks bad, or doesn’t work, could you please let me know, by leaving a comment on this page? Also if the site organization is confusing.

Ideally, please tell me which web browser and operating system or mobile device you are using, as well as a detailed description of the problem.

Issues are likely. I’ve just completed a major overhaul of the web technology used on this site, and to a lesser extent also on Buddhism for Vampires and Approaching Aro. I had three goals:

  • To make all the sites easy to read on small screens (smartphones and tablets).
  • To make it easier to understand how Meaningness is organized, and to navigate around it.
  • To divert a comment spam tsunami.

Reading on small screens

My sites were originally designed for full-size screens, and adaptation took some technical trickery. Unfortunately, every smartphone and tablet is somewhat different, and making a web site work on all of them is challenging even for full-time professionals. I can only test on my own iPhone; it’s quite likely that something will go wrong on Android tablets, or Windows phones, or whatever. Please let me know, if so.

The structure of this site is unique and unfamiliar, and many readers were confused by it. It’s an online book, but not an “ebook”—peculiarly unusual. It also contains a separate blog, adding to the confusion.

Every page now has a “What to read next” box that explains how the site is organized, and how the page you are reading relates to the whole. Does this work for you? Can it be improved?

Comment spam

I had disabled comments for a year, because the volume of spam kept crashing my web server. It also required constant attention. I’ve written custom anti-spam code that seems to be highly effective.

It’s possible that the new tech will reject some perfectly fine comments. If that happens, please let me know.

Thank you very much.


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