Logic as eternalism

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Gottlob Frege
Gottlob Frege, 1848–1925, invented modern logic

Logic was the main theory of rationality for thousands of years. It is now discredited and abandoned; quaint and decayed; so perhaps it is not so important to write about.

I devoted years of my youth to logic, and I remain fond of it, despite having assisted Brutus in its assassination, and even drawing a little blood myself in its final moments. So I will discuss it here, and in many other places in Meaningness; not altogether seriously, but with a mixture of nostalgia and historical distance, contempt and affection. In particular, I cover the failures of formal logic in detail in Part One of In The Cells of the Eggplant.

As a species of eternalism, logic is a wrong-way reduction. It replaces difficult problems of practical reasoning with the impossible problem of logical deduction.