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"Lite Nihilism" as outlined here seems remarkably similar to Pyrrhonic Skepticism..

Justin Sigman 2021-11-29

I’d recommend you look into the works of Sextus Empiricus re: the substance of your chapter-in-progress – assuming your subject is still the meaningness weltanshauung and your object is to move beyond aporia & illuminate a route to ataraxia…

I’m grateful for the Quillette editorial that hyper-linked me here, and have zero regrets for my day spent reading your insights; love your work, truly! But your mind appears orders-of-magnitude mightier than your pen. You might be meant or mentally fit to fill more than the shoes of a pop-scientist, a journalist for MIT’s Technology Review, another Futurist or late-postmodern self-help guru… If amenable to some internet rando’s stylistic advice: Consider reading Leo Strauss for lessons re: Obscurantism, the True Language of Philosophy (i.e., the Noble Lie/Pious Falsehoods + appropriate methodologies for scribblers in necessarily elitist/ esoteric /limited domains for the meta-minded…). Your prose screams “Fox” (prolly the style of writing most natural to trained engineers and STEM savants – Wittgenstein before he grew wise, circumspect, and began to genuflect to Indeterminacy). Whynot try the model of Tolstoy, Derrida – the Hedgehog?

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