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Looking forward to the humor page

Simon Grant 2021-09-25

Sounds like a nice page in waiting!


Alexander Donets 2021-10-31

Somehow, I felt that there must be such a page! Meaningness naturally attracts questions about humor.

To me, it’s like we are celebrating the birth of new meanings with a laugh.

Dang humor research

Aiden Ettlinger 2022-03-25

You might check out What Are You Laughing At? A Comprehensive Guide to the Comedic Event by Dan O’Shannon. Although it’s just about comedy I think it introduces a great theory of humor that makes room for nebulosity! Most humor research seems to fixate too much. Since comedy is pattern clashing with nebulosity much of the science misses half of the equation. Of course I didn’t understand why that research felt “not exactly right” and why O’Shannon’s theory feels right, but a little unsatisfying until reading Meaningness!

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