Comments on “Freedom”

Commentary? Case study?

Ian 2024-04-28

Hi David,

I assume that this page will be fleshed out at some point, or is this just supposed to be a self-evident pith instruction for how one comports oneself in freedom?

I appreciate your critiques of both eternalist views of authority (the explicit and implicit) but am left a bit unsure about how your critique transforms into something that unfolds ‘in situ’ (?)

Like, I assume you’re not advocating for a kind of ‘all views matter’, oatmeal-ey centrism, so like, what are you saying about how freedom is manifesting in the play of the world?

Unlikely, I'm afraid

David Chapman 2024-04-29

This is embarrassing… Meaningness, the “book,” is an outline that got completely out of hand. After a decade and a half working on it, I’ve written maybe 15% of what the outline would call for, so clearly I’m never going to finish it. I expect I will keep filling in bits here and there… but at a guess, this won’t be one of them. I can never predict what I will or won’t write, though, so who knows!