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Broken link

Kev3 2016-03-18

This starts off with a broken link to the article linked when you wrote “Nihilism actually is harmful and wrong”…

Many broken links, unfortunately

David Chapman 2016-03-18

Thanks for pointing it out!

Unfortunately, the whole book is riddled with broken links. They’re links to the future… pages I haven’t posted yet.

I haven’t found a good solution for this. Maybe I can write some code that will hide them until the pages are written. Or something!

A suggestion on the source for meaning

Nathan Metric 2016-10-15

The inherent virtue of the Truth.


David Chapman 2016-10-15

Hmm… what is the difference between “truth” and “Truth”?

Source for the painting

Maic Lopez Saenz 2017-08-12

That painting at the beginning of the chapter should have a source. Its a very interesting piece that needs and author!


David Chapman 2017-08-12

It’s Dalí’s Corpus Hypercubus.

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