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Excellent overview, and thanks for defining these terms.

I hope “The Eggplant” gets printed in paperback, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a book I want to keep on my shelf.

Unconverted links

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In case you’ve missed them, there are a few instances of unconverted links like [itcote] and [teggplant] through the text.

I need a continuous integration pipeline apparently

Thank you! The code for expanding those got lost a few days ago in a write-write conflict, when I changed my workflow for editing the server code and forgot what I was supposed to do.

Fixed now. But I need to get more serious about standardizing the workflow.

Tautology alert?

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“nebulosity is pervasive. … nothing is ever definitely this-or-that.”
“Facts about eggplants are inescapably indefinite, due to nebulosity.”

This looks like a tautology to me… nebulosity arises from indefiniteness and vice versa…

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