In the cells of the eggplant

Eggplant in refrigerator

In the Cells of the Eggplant is an introduction to meta-rationality: ways of using rational systems more effectively by recognizing, working with, and transcending their limits.

Meta-rationality evaluates, selects, combines, modifies, discovers, and creates rational methods. It operates in the territory beyond the boundaries of fixed understanding.

The Eggplant is part of a gigantic hypertext book, Meaningness. Readers who dislike the web format have often asked for paper or ebook versions of Meaningness. Unfortunately, it is much too large for that, and also I’m unlikely ever to finish it. However, as I complete chunks the size of a normal book, creating paper or ebook versions is possible.

The Eggplant gradually builds a complex, densely connected conceptual structure. It is not actually well-suited to reading in pieces. So I will publish it first in paperback and as a Kindle ebook. I’ll create others only if enough people buy it to make me believe there’s genuine demand. Every page I write on the web gets many thousands of views; how many people will a traditional book reach?

Eventually I’ll chop the book into blog-post-sized bits and post it here on the web as well. I prefer reading on the web, myself! Maybe most people do! And it’s free! On the other hand, most people discover web pages via google searches or social media shares, and they are likely to land somewhere in the middle of the book. Most bits out of the middle won’t make much sense without having read what comes before.

I’ve put some random sections of the book on the web ahead of time. You can find them in the Navigation box below.


This page introduces a section containing the following:

This page is in the section ⚒ Fluid understanding: meta-rationality,
      which is in ⚒ Sailing the seas of meaningness,
      which is in Meaningness and Time: past, present, future.

This page’s topic is Rationalism.

General explanation: Meaningness is a hypertext book (in progress), plus a “metablog” that comments on it. The book begins with an appetizer. Alternatively, you might like to look at its table of contents, or some other starting points. Classification of pages by topics supplements the book and metablog structures. Terms with dotted underlining (example: meaningness) show a definition if you click on them. Pages marked with ⚒ are still under construction. Copyright ©2010–2020 David Chapman. Some links are part of Amazon Affiliate Program.