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Your “open-ended curiosity”

George L. Vockroth 2020-04-18

Your “open-ended curiosity” sounds a lot like meditation to me, both as a matter of formal practice and more broadly as an approach to living.


David Chapman 2020-04-18

Yes, that is not a coincidence! The central themes of the book are influenced by my experience and of meditation and my understanding of its theoretical background.

I mention this in many places, mainly in passing. My hope is that the book will make sense to non-meditators, but that meditators will see the parallels, which may make it easier to understand, or add an extra depth of meaning.


Peter 2021-11-26

This piece would be better with a full stop after this sentence: “As a method of stabilizing the complete stance, open-ended curiosity takes intelligence, hard work, and generosity—as well as just openness”


Typo fixed

David Chapman 2021-11-26

Thank you! Fixed.

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