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Broken links

Brian R 2016-03-25


The “relatively inaccessible” link is broken. Also, the links on all the notification emails have been broken as well.
Unrelatedly, I was wondering if you have thoughts about how the stances relate to one’s thoughts about love, i.e. eternalist views on what love means, etc.

Eternalism & love

David Chapman 2016-03-25

Thanks for pointing out the broken links! The underlying technologies make them hard to fix, unfortunately.

Love does get extensively coopted and distorted by eternalism. In extreme cases, love is itself taken as the “eternal ordering principle” (i.e. God, more-or-less). Short of that, love is usually considered a “higher purpose” in the mission/materialism dichotomy, and then given various special, fixed meanings. I guess everyone is familiar with how those work; they’re the main topic of many genres of television, written fiction, and so on.

Like everything else, love’s meanings are—instead—nebulous, varying, ambiguous. From point of view of the complete stance, that’s not a problem at all; one just allows it to be however it is, without adding or subtracting meaning from it.

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